by Claudia Schmidt


Fuzzy grinned like his facebones was stuck that way

All day and into the night - I bet he slept that way

He lived in our town and small towns can be hard on someone who just can't help but feel big


All of us kids loved Fuzzy - we'd dance around him all day long

and sing, "FUZZYWUZZYWASABALDHEADEDBABY" we were rotten to him

but we didn't mean a thing and he'd laugh just like he was one of us

Man, he was neat, but I guess there was something wrong with him - it didn't really matter


Cause he told us stories, they came out his eyes

And taught us a song - we sang along:

"You are magic, full of magic things, magic dances in the one who sings..."


We hung around him just because our moms and dads said

"Leave that man alone!" and he had a dead spider collection he'd let us see

if we'd come to his home and man, it was worth every licking we got to sneak off

and be his friend - we had bets and they ain't settled yet if he was real or just pretend


He told us stories, they came out his eyes

Taught us a song, we sang along:

"You are magic, full of magic sounds, stick your tongue out and let it roll around...:


Always thought I'd like to be crazy if I could be happy

all the time - but I've met a lot of crazies now and some of them laugh

But most of them cry - Fuzzy just got old before he grew up - no growing pains

to forget - but when you dont' get things in the proper order - some folks get upset