El Peecho's

Spring City Project

    For about a year now, I've been tossing the idea of documenting through panoramic movies the town I live in, Spring City, Pennsylvania.  I've always thought it was interesting looking at pictures of places I've lived that were taken years ago.  Especially outside shots.  It's cool to see how things change.  Time goes by so quick.  I've finally decided to start the process.  There is a site called Wayfaring.com that helps improve the time consuming process dramatically.  Custom pre-built maps (by Google - the best) with satellite overlay or hybrid which is satellite with standard drawn map superimposed.  My goal is to cover the entire inhabited town of Spring City.  This will take quite some time but should be really cool when it is done. 

    When you click on the link below, you will see a map of Spring City, Pa with a whole bunch of little pushpins.  Each pushpin represents a waypoint.  If the map is too busy for you, try a different zoom level on the left.  Hold in the left mouse button and drag any area to move the map around to location specific points of interest. Clicking on a pushpin will bring up a window with a panoramic movie of that waypoint.  This requires QuickTime to view.  Just go to QuickTime's website and download the free player.  You can also grab by click on a spot within the movie and dragging it right or left, up or down.  Try zooming in by holding the shift key.  Ctrl key zooms out.



Click Here for a Widescreen version of the Map

Click Here for a Detail version of the Map